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Garage Conversions

Convert a Garage to a Room – Free front door with our fantastic offer

Regardless of its size, Almondvale’s garage conversion team will transform any garage into a functional, stylish living space for your home all for one of the best value garage conversion prices that you will find in Edinburgh!

It is amazing how so few of us use a garage for its initial purpose – desperate for space inside the home but with a perfectly functional space in terms of the garage, usually being wasted. Lawnmowers, old cycles, long since used children’s games, and never to be used pots of old paint all occupying space that could, with Almondvale’s help; become transformed from a garage into the additional room you always wanted via the expert garage to room service in Edinburgh – when you opt for Almondvale, you can be assured that you will get the best value garage conversions cost in Edinburgh.

Even a standard single garage is usually around 150 square feet – enough to make a good sized additional room.

Almondvale undertake garage conversions for customers across Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife and the Lothiansand are one of the top garage to room specialists in Scotland.

The price to convert a garage in Edinburgh needn’t be expensive either – you will find that we compare favourably with the average garage conversion price in Scotland, offering amazing value.

Almondvale Pledge

What happens when I request a Garage Conversion quote?

As with each of Almondvale’s bespoke services, our friendly and experienced consultants will take care of the entire process, when you wish to convert a garage in Scotland with us – the simple procedure is as follows:

    1. Almondvale will call you to arrange an appointment for a visit
    2. One of our qualified team will come to your home to discuss requirements and find out what the room is intended to be used for. Almondvale can advise on moving of boilers/electrical boxes that may be located in the garage and this work can be undertaken by us. Building regulations are checked by Almondvale.

A quote for your garage conversion will be supplied during this visit

  1. We hope you will be pleased to book your garage conversion with us at this stage.
  2. An architect will draw up the plans
  3. Our builder will visit your home to match brickwork and windows so that the conversion is finished to match seamlessly with the rest of your home.
  4. The build begins with the exterior structure which is built down to foundation level and a floating floor is put in to bring level up to the rest of the house (laid to chipboard for carpet or timber floor put in at your request).

Almondvale will undertake all elements of the work, from fitting of windows to electrical fittings and the laying of carpet or floor, where you would like to match it through the rest of your home.

We have built our reputation upon quality, affordability, style and honesty with the majority of our new customers coming to us as a result of referrals.

Check out our testimonials page to see more about what our customers say about us.

When it comes to converting a garage in Scotland, you need look no further than Almondvale.
We will be with you every step of the way giving as much support and advice as you want – we have as much time as you need to get the perfect results when you decide to have us work on converting a garage in Edinburgh.

So if you would like to make the most of your garage space with a versatile garage conversion and wish to get a garage conversions cost in Scotland, simply request a callback, call or visit one of our local showrooms to discuss your ideas.





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